Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another Graduation Looms...

It's that time of year again...where seniors feel the year is over and they don't have to do anything...

Unlike living in Texas, where school ended the week before Memorial Day (even though we had to return in the middle of August, I really liked that schedule better...), we still have two full weeks of school left.

Today is the senior trip, they went down to Chicago to stroll along the Navy Pier...tomorrow is senior skip day. So three of my classes are pretty much gone (I had a whopping 5 students out of 62 for my 1st & 2nd hour classes) and the fourth class had only half of the kids (a junior/senior elective). My student teacher has my fifth class (freshmen).

So today is a lazy day. I get to unwind from AP exams, clean up the classroom a little bit, take care of my enormous pile of filing, get rid of some old projects taking up room, etc etc.

Unfortunately, I get less done on lazy days than on busy ones.