Monday, July 04, 2005's been too long...

I forgot how to post on this site. How lame am I? I do most of my online writing at opendiary (no, I'm not 12, but it's easy to use), so this confused me. Never realize that I'm a high school teacher with a master's degree, hey?

The idea of summer school is idiotic. Force students to take makeup classes in the summer (well, they're not forced, but ...), and then, make it so that the classes can't really be taught in a linear fashion (I have two sections, and both sections have first and second semester students in them, so I can't teach one course). It's like having two different courses to teach to groups of students in the same time period.

I never would have made it as a one-room schoolteacher.

Graduation is over, thank God, and another group of seniors will soon enter my classroom. This years' seniors were freshmen when I started at this school. I can't believe that I've been here three years already! They've been good - and they've gone by fast.

Home stuff - still in debt, still too much to do on the house and not enough time or money to do it, etc. We've been selling lots of stuff on ebay to go to the bills. Summer school helps, too. That's a one-month paycheck for 6 weeks of 4 hour days, 4 days a week.

I'm also going to apply for a banquetting job tomorrow. Easy work, limited hours, no orders to take, no money to handle...I like that.

Not much else - we'll see what happens.

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lpkitten said...

hey - thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. keep up the blogging and good luck paying down your debt.