Friday, August 12, 2005


We put money aside to visit my in-laws this summer (450 mile trek), but my m-i-l is very ill and we had to go sooner than we thought. We stayed out at her house...the A/C wasn't working (KY in August = hell). We had to buy one or stay at a motel.

$200 added to cc bills.

In addition, she is dying. We came back home, but will have to return within a few weeks unless a miracle occurs. We don't have the money set aside to go, and will have to stay at a motel because her home is no longer available. All on the cc.

Life happens, and sometimes it sucks. Our electric bill went up this month. We are on monthly budget payments, and I was really hoping they'd go down - they went up. We won't have to pay $45 to my s-i-l to help with m-i-l's bills anymore, so that will help. But how will we pay down the cc?

Ebay is our friend. But I can't post anything to sell until I know we will be around. So it will have to wait until after the funeral.

I can't miss any work to go down there - so if the school year starts and she hasn't died, dh will have to go alone. How terrible is that?

Man, I'm really down.

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