Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dh didn't get the job. :( It would involve just too much walking. He's bummed, but I'm proud of him for getting the application in and getting the interview. We're still thinking on that one.

I can still draw. That's been kind of fun today - I've been drawing some designs. I need to seriously consider if I want to do this (start a business). The tax stuff intimidates me. Do I really want to deal with all that?

And it was pretty cool - I am one of the blogs mentioned in the Carnival of Debt Reduction! I feel so loved! You like me, you really like me! (The depressing thing is that there are many people out there who have no idea why I wrote that...don't even remember it happening...) ;)

Mighty Bargain Hunter has the Carnival this week - brand spanking new with lots of info. Thanks for including me! :)

I'm off to do some work in the basement that will hopefully pay off in cold hard $$$ to send to the BECC (Big Evil Credit Card).

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Bailey said...

Congrats on the big link!

Also, thank you for the info on linking Paypal to an online account.

I have been lazy with some money that I have sitting in my bank savings account at like 0.0085%.

Thanks to your idea, I did some research and opened up an ING account at .033%. Plus I just linked it to my Paypal account, so I no longer have to pay the $1.50 for the check!

Thanks, and I'll be checking back to see your battle against the BECC. I really do hate them also!