Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dh has an interview today! This was great news - I'm so happy for him, just to get the interview. He has serious disability issues (back & neck), so he can't walk/stand/sit for extended periods of time. The car usually helps him, but he can't lift, so deliveries are out. This interview is for a security position at the mall, driving the parking lot. We talked about it and agreed that his health is more important than the money, and if they want him to do things like 1 shift walking the mall, that he wouldn't be able to take it. But I'm just so happy that he got the application in and was called for an interview!

On other news - one thing sold on ebay, $20 more than I thought I'd get for it, so I was excited about that. The other two things didn't sell. I need to post more today.

Payday - September is the check that we get our contract changes on, and I was delighted to see that we'll be getting $100 more/monthly check than last year. This was great news. It will take the crunch off the increase in the gas bill and the gasoline bills, allowing us to send more to the BECC.

I also got two reimbursement checks equalling about $100. :)

I bought five McCall's patterns that were on sale for $.99 each at Hancock Fabrics the other day. Wedding/evening/prom type of dresses. I'm going to be looking at what I need to do to set up a seamstress/design business in our basement. I'm still in the really early stages, but there's money there.

And...I think that covers it for money stuff. I need to do the bills this weekend since payday was this week. I can send a nice chunk to the BECC, and we have about $150 in paypal that I'm going to split between the Best Buy card and the smaller, lower interest rate cc. That will feel good!

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