Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ebay Sales!

Well, we had listed 7 things, and 4 of them sold, so we made about $85 on it! I'm a little disappointed the other things didn't sell, but I relisted them at lower prices to see if I could encourage anyone.

We're at over $100 in paypal right now, so I'm going to be transferring it over to our bank account and then sending it off to the BECC (Big Evil Credit Card). I don't know why I wait until it's over $100. I shouldn't. Really.

I am also planning on getting a couple of other things posted by Thursday. If I can keep that up, we'll get at least $50/week extra to send to the BECC.


In other news, I have a lead for a different second job. A bridal shop about 10 blocks from me wants a seamstress. Now - I made my own wedding dress, numerous prom dresses, and a set of bridesmaid's dresses. I'm going to call them this afternoon to see if they are looking for part time. I'm excited - I could walk to work (saving gas), and since it's so specific, I think I could ask for $10-$15/hour. Even just a few hours a week could really add up and get more to the BECC!


I'm really nervous about the bills. I'm so sick of them hanging over us. And if the BECC doubles minimums like other cc companies are doing, we will be so screwed. We won't be able to pay them. Really. That would put our minimum to over $500. We pay what we can, usually around $400/month, but there's no way that we could cover $500 without serious problems.

It's bad enough that gas is going up so much - if heating oil goes up as much, our monthly electric/gas bill will be atrocious.

I hate worrying about money. I really wish we were independently wealthy. I know the numbers say that even independently wealthy people have money problems, and that your spending increases in time with the income, but man. All I want is to pay off the cc.

We're tightening the belts right now to work on paying things off, so if the gas situation does affect our heating, we'll have some extra that we can play with. I got another 6 month extension on the student loans, which will help. But man, we'll be in trouble soon if we don't get this under control, and quick.


Karen said...

Congrats on your ebay sales :)

mbhunter said...

Like the acronym BECC ;)

This would be a great post for the new Carnival of Debt Reduction. First installment is September 19th! Check my blog for details!

SimpleKind said...

Sometimes you have to list items over and over for months. I’m going to be doing some selling on ebay soon. It makes me feel desperate because of my debt situation, but getting rid of the clutter just makes cents. Pun intended…