Saturday, September 17, 2005

Money Issues...

I seem to spend all of my time lately either obsessing about money we owe others or weight issues. I'm not sure I like it.

No call from the bridal shop. I have to decide whether to just let it go or be gutsy and call her again. I hate being pushy. Really.

But it seems like everywhere we go, I think about how we need to pay down the BECC (big evil credit card). Today, we had a really nice day planned, going to an art festival about an hour away. Everything we saw there, I thought - "hey, we could make that and sell it and pay off the BECC". I constantly think of crafty stuff, but I know how hard it is to make it in that arena. And crafting on ebay is just nearly impossible. I have some things I'm going to set out when we have our next rummage sale, and advertise as a rummage/craft/plant sale, but that's not going to be until June unless I get some energy.

I really hate that it's taking over every waking moment (or so it seems). In a way, that's a good thing because it keeps it clear in my mind, but I really don't like it controlling everything we do.


Money making stuff lately. Well, I got three more things posted on ebay. Not much. Returned that guy's money that I mentioned in my last post (not really money-making, but good for ebay business that he's not complaining).

Oh - I talked dh into letting me get loads of books out of the house. We have 8 bookcases in the basement (8!!), and we never go down there to find books. So I was able to get about 4 moving boxes full of books out of there. I was able to post about 1 of those boxes (maybe 2 dozen pretty big books?) on If everything were to sell on, we'd make about $400. Not too bad. I saved a few books to combine into lots for ebay, and the other three boxes went into the rummage pile.

And the computer is working in the basement now, so it should be easier to post things to ebay. I've been using as an excuse the fact that I've read in numerous sources that it's better to end an ebay sale on a Tuesday, but screw that. As long as it ends in the evening, I'm going to post when I have time to post. I don't always have time on Tuesday (7 day sale) or Thursday (5 day auction) nights. I just need to get things posted. So there! lol

Some other ideas:
~Memory dolls
~Custom sewing - the big stuff like wedding and prom dresses, possibly career wear, but no super easy stuff that I couldn't charge much for
~Garden decorations - like my growing chairs
~One of a kind christening gowns
~Word processing for college students (university within 15 miles of us - actually 2 pretty big ones within 20 miles of us)

I just don't know where to start on a business. I have no interest in getting all the paperwork done, so my ideas just sit there. Lazy me.


Karen said...

I wouldn't say you are being lazy at all! You're doing eBay and thinking up other ways to make money, so even though it's so consuming, it should help defeat the BECC. Being so consumed by this will help you stay motivated to pay it off as fast as possible. :O) Keep it up!

Bailey said...

Word Processing for students is a very intersting idea.
How were you going to go about that?

Bailey said...

Thanks for the info on ING.

Not only can I use it to link to Paypal, but it has some great interest rates for savings accounts. I will make an extra $30 a month, once I switch everything over!

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