Sunday, September 11, 2005

Second Jobs...

Well, on Friday I stopped over at the bridal shop that had posted an ad for a seamstress. I had a great talk with the owner, and I think she was impressed. It would be really ideal - close to home (actually, so close that I could walk it in about 10 minutes), not using up gasoline, extra income, good hours (only two nights a week, and then only until 7pm, and Saturdays, no Sundays). I know she has others to talk to, but I think she was impressed that I stopped by and with my background. Keep fingers crossed.

We have three things ending on ebay tomorrow and two will sell. It's at about $16 right now. Not much. I'll be posting more on Tuesday night. Dh got the computer working downstairs so I don't have to lug everything up here to post.

We have a little over a week to payday (20th) and we are poor! We did grocery shopping tonight and need to put some gas in, plus pay the phone bill. We got a $40 check from insurance that will cover the phone bill, but I will have to use some ebay sales/paypal to help us get through the week. I really hate getting paid once a month. It's so hard by the end of the month! Not to mention that I hate feeling so poor - I'm really looking forward to a decent second job that will help us get the debt out so we can spend our money on us - savings and investments - rather than "past us" (dumb spending).

Ah, well. We live and learn...I'm just sick of the learning part and ready to get into the living part.


lpkitten said...

i know the feeling of only getting paid once a month. friday paydays are my favorite day of the week; i would be sad if i still only got one of them (i used to work for the school so only got paid once a month too).

but just think, when you do get paid it will be a bigger check!

SimpleKind said...

Good luck. I’m going through practically the same thing. The second job is tuff, but when payday comes and you can cover the minimums and pay extra it feels awesome.

Karen said...

Good luck - have you heard anything yet?