Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mid-May report...

I need to get better about posting here. I know no one reads me, but it helps to keep me on track.

Our rummage sale is in three weeks. We have a lot to do by then. All the stuff has to come up from the basement and be priced and packed into the garage somewhere. Actually, there's things in the garage that have to go into the basement before we can do that...what I need is a packhorse. Seriously.

We have some garden chairs that I need to finish by then, and I'm hoping to finish some Barbie clothes to sell by then, too.

I have a ton of stuff to put on ebay. I'm going to work on that tonight. We sold some a couple of weeks ago, but needed that to get through the month. Figures.

I did make a little cash through the business by making a prom dress for a girl from school. I didn't want it to get around school that I made dresses, because it's uncomfortable and stresses that whole teacher/student relationship if I have to measure them and stuff. It's a gorgeous dress, though. I got enough to help us through the month and open my business checking account. Maybe I can pay off Vegas soon. ;)

umm...I'm planning to get a second job for the summer months - actually just through the end of July. It will help us get a kick in the ass on the bills, and keep me occupied. I may also put an ad in the papers soon about making memory dolls/pillows from prom dresses. Put signs up and business cards out at the rummage sale. Ads for christening gowns after June wedding season.

I have tons of ideas. That's a start.

We're using the summer school check to fix the bathroom. We desperately need to - there's mildew that needs to be fixed before winter. if we can't pay for it all, we'll do most and finish next year when we have more money. NO CREDIT CARDS!

I think I'll burn them.