Thursday, June 22, 2006


Have you ever looked at ? It's amazing what some people do. I go there to read, but rarely post (this is completely normal for me, I never think that I have anything good to add into the conversation). People normally post their FICO scores (which we haven't checked in years, no need to, really, we're not looking for more credit), but there's a guy who posts all of his cc's and limits. I mean, I'm really happy for this guy that he can control credit, but who needs 13 credit cards with a CL of $35,000? Is this good for his credit rating - to have that much open?

I soooo don't understand that. But then again, I can't be trusted with open credit. I see it as a giant green light - our "second" credit card we got last summer is a great example of that. We got a $3000 limit after we bought the fridge, used it to go to KY for dh's mother's funeral (flew down) and then whhoooooooop! All of a sudden we owe $3400 on it (got a limit increase).

They also hate Dave Ramsey there - bringing up his name is kind of like asking to be shot in the head. Since DR advocates NO credit, ever (which I don't necessarily agree with - cars, homes, student loans, etc), he's seen as a goon. They call him a snake-oil salesman. But I like his ideas - common sense, but they help to keep me on track.


Speaking of which - the money. Well, we made $600 at the rummage sale, and paid off most of the fridge, plus updated the emergency fund back to $500. We bought a new printer (ours was deader than dead) and we had to get a new air conditioner, which went on the bigger cc.

Our minimum payments have gone up. The "small" cc is at $98, the BECC (Big Evil Credit Card) is at $250.

I've tried to get a summer waitressing job, but they see that I'm a teacher and wonder what in the world I'm doing looking for a serving job. That sucks. I'm going to call around this afternoon and if nothing comes up, I'm considering going with a temp agency. Brainless work, but at least they'll get me in somewhere. I'm teaching summer school, but we're done by 12:30 and I could work evenings. I also heard from another teacher here that Pier 1 is hiring. Maybe I'll go there...but I'd be so tempted to buy stuff. It's dangerous.

I found something online that I'm going to show to dh. It's at-home work answering phone calls, etc. Maybe he'd be interested - he could set hours.

I also have stuff to put on ebay, and I need to update some business stuff. I have some new ideas, and I need to get the word out. :)

One way or another, though, we need to get these bills paid down. It worries me, how easily we fell back into having huge cc payments. Obviously, I'm no good at that. I think it would be much better just to not have them around. We're still paying off on the cc the cash advance that we took out to get the new roof on the house when we bought it - 4 years ago! ugh! I want it gone!

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Courtney said...

Congratulations on your successful rummage sale! You're doing a really great job. Have you thought about selling your books on I did it a few months ago, and I got a good amount (around $600) for my books. I was surfing online the other day, and I saw a place that buys cd's too.

Good luck! You're a real inspiration.