Monday, June 26, 2006


I've been trying to get a second job over the summer (that I'd even be willing to keep once school started up in the fall again, if it was the right connection), but they see "teacher" in the application and I never get a call back. It's like they figure, "oh, she's a teacher, why would she want to waitress?"...hello...if I didn't want to waitress, why would I fill out an application...?

Anyway - I got a call from Olive Garden yesterday - a Sunday, no less. Wasn't expecting that. I have an interview with them on Wednesday. And from past experience, once you get an interview, you're offered the job in serving, unless schedules don't mix. So hopefully I'll be starting with them soon. Pluses - nicely priced meals, bar tab increases your meal tab. Minuses - I have to handle money (no cashier), bar means I have to offer drinks and start to remember all those drink combinations again. I've done them both before (those minuses), but they suck.

Also, we saw in the paper that a temp agency was hiring forklift drivers. Dh is going to call them today. He is disabled and can't walk, lift or stand for long periods of time, but if it's JUST forklift, he could sit and it shouldnt' bother him too much. That would make him feel so good - to be able to bring home a paycheck.

We also went to an auction yesterday and got a lot of stuff to sell on ebay. We spent $75 but got a car load full of stuff, plus more that dh had to come with the truck to pick up. We got a box of old children's books (1940's - 1960's) that should pay for that $75 alone once we get them on ebay. Plus boxes of other stuff - old toys, books, ceramics, collectibles, christmas stuff. I'm excited.

This extra income is going towards a few things. My idea is that we divide it. Everything we make gets divided into at least three categories, possibly four. (1) get savings up to $1000 a la Dave Ramsey so that if we have an emergency we don't have to use the cc to fix it. (2) pay off cc's. (3) save up money for our 10th anniversary trip to Vegas next spring break (hoping for $1000 - I think we can have fun with that. $1500 would be amazing!). Possibly (4) - our computer needs work. Dh has built our computer for as long as we've been together, and right now our NEWEST part is about 2-3 years old. In other words, a dinosaur. Dh would love to rebuild it. $1500 minimum.

So...we have to decide. I'm okay with a four-way split - divide all paychecks, tips & ebay sales into fourths pretty evenly and put into those four categories. But then again, many (including Dave Ramsey, who we are following to a certain point) says that it's better mentally to focus on one thing, finish it, then move on. But then...we might not get all that we need.

I'm unsure. I know that if I get this waitressing job and dh gets the forklift job, that we could zip off that $1000 baby EF within a few weeks. Would that be better than dividing into fourths?

And I know - paying off the cc's is more important than Vegas...but dh and I haven't been on a vacation in at least 5 years, and it's our 10th anniversary next summer. We can go to Vegas relatively cheap. It's a goal.

With the extra jobs, the summer school paycheck would go to fixing the bathroom (mildew & leaking pipes) and the curriculum paycheck ($600) would go to xmas and visiting dh's family in KY in August.

Ideas? Opinions?

I need to find some friends on here. :) I like the feedback.

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