Monday, July 17, 2006

My best money saving tip...

From one of my favorite sites - No Credit Needed (no, I haven't figured out links in blogger yet...) - anyway, he asked for posts of our very best money saving tips. My best one (or at least the one that helps us the most) is...

Meal Planning.

I'm not talking about "feeding the freezer" food frenzies (how's that for a terrific name?), mostly because I don't like cooking enough to actually be in the kitchen that long. But - what saves us a TON of money is to sit down sometime over the weekend, check what's in the freezer, what's in the pantry, and what's on sale, and write down seven dinners.

I don't even necessarily pick the days we'll have them - just to know that I have seven dinners that are available in the house and haven't been what we've eaten 16 times in the last few weeks stops me from (1) going out to eat, and (2) running to the tiny, overpriced grocery store in our little town (which can be almost as bad as going out to eat for all the junk I pick up).

It's that easy - my #1 money saving tip. :)

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