Saturday, August 12, 2006


(Big Evil Credit Cards)

Yes, I know they aren't really evil. Yes, I know I/we got ourselves into this problem, and that it isn't really their fault. That doesn't mean I like them.

They've raised our minimums. Now, I know that it's been all over the internet for over a year now, that this would happen. But I didn't hear anything from them, so I figured I was safe.


We now have to come up with $70 more per month to send off to them. No clue where that will come from.

But...good news. I have a job making a bridesmaid's dress, so that will be at least $100 that can be sent to Best Buy to get the fridge amount down. We owe a little under $200 to them, but have to get it paid off by Nov in order to avoid all the deferred interest being added on - and that's over $100 right now.

I've been making some "swiffer duster" refills that can be thrown in the washer, and I may put some on my business site. They're incredibly easy to make, and I could sell them for a pretty reasonable price. I hate buying things just to throw them out - I like the swiffer duster, but man, do I hate buying those (expensive!) refills. I really love that this can go in the washer. I'm going to try my hand at making a swiffer mop head, too - avoid having to throw those away.

Isn't it weird? The reason why Swiffer is so because you can throw it away and not worry about it. But it seems like such a waste!

I plan on getting a lot posted on ebay before I return to school in Sept - and all of that goes towards getting BB paid off and then hitting HSBC hard.

Keep thinking...what would life be like with no payments...? :)

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Jane said...

I think the Swiffer refills are a great idea! Disposable cleaning products have increased the sizes of landfills so much. I only have my Swiffer Jet left, so if you come up with something for that, let me know, because every once in awhile I'm in a hurry and break down and use it and it's expensive.