Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rummage Finds...

I love rummage sales. They're more fun when dh comes along, but he was taking the old bathroom walls (and the other stuff we pulled out) to the dump. Yay - less in our garage = good thing.

Rummage finds today:
~Craft book for things made from material scraps, $.25
~Craft book Part II for things made from material scraps! $.25
~Oil painting book for dh $.25
~20 normal sized jewel cases (dh hates the slimline ones) - $2.00
~2 cans wood stain (amazingly, dh and I were just talking YESTERDAY about how we needed to get stain for the new woodwork in the bathroom - $.20!
~One yard fleece, one corner cut out, + about 1/8 of a yard of fleece, different color - $.50
~Portfolio of Japanese art for work - $.50

I'm missing something in here, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. My best rummage find lately came last Saturday when we just stopped for the fun of it, I found a hardcover copy of "The Outlandish Companion" for $ will sell on ebay for over $10 - it's a pretty popular series. Yay!

We bought a 1/2 gig travel drive for ebay purposes, to have it all in one place and allow dh to get used to using ebay (his excuse is that I don't have things together so he can just cut and paste). :) It was $12 on sale at Office Max - a great deal.

Oh, and Office Max has the free teacher stuff this week - a tote, travel coffee mug, whiteboard marker, marker holder + ads. Not bad - it's free for teachers. :)

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