Friday, August 25, 2006

Small Victory

I sent $13.68 from sales to Best Buy today! I'm very proud of myself - I tell myself that it doesn't make sense to send tiny little payments off to the cc's, that I should wait until there's a big ole payment to send off.

But...I sent it! Funny part - this "little" payment is bigger than the minimum due ($10). We are down to $148 left, which needs to be paid off by the end of Nov (actually, Dec 14th) so the $100+ in interest isn't added on.

No problem. I have this. :)


~Listed a bunch of stuff on ebay
~Worked on the bridesmaid's dress I'm making for a customer
~Took pics and wrote descriptions for a lot more stuff to list on ebay. I should be able to get them on tonight or tomorrow, depending on how far we get on the painting in the bathroom.

I am going to:
~look at these Blog for Money things I've found. More later.
~go to the library tonight, I have stuff due.
~make up some Swiffer duster refills that can go in the washer - love those!

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