Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You know...

I like to read pf blogs because I like to know that others are there, have been through the same things, etc. But there's a new trend - to show off what we've already seen 10 billion times in other places, but not to talk about every day things.

Even the Carnivals that are up (at least this week) include mostly things that you can find in any pf book, magazine, tape, or TV special. Everyone spouts out the things they've learned from Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey, or the latest article on msn, but no one talks about the personal things. The personal things are the things that make blogs interesting. If you don't want to share personal stuff, that's fine, of course. But I'd rather read about how someone is paying off $10,000 worth of debt than that oil prices are going to go up again because of the pipeline shutting down in Alaska. I can get that off of CNN...I don't need it on a blog.

Okay - I guess I'm grumpy. But there are a few people that I've liked to read in the past, and all they've become is a conglomeration of news stories that I can find anywhere. I guess I need to find some PERSONAL finance blogs. I'll have to go hunting sometime.


Jessica said...

sometimes (i guess because of the trend you mention in this post) i often feel like my blog is too personal, like maybe i should be citing more articles and what not.

i have managed to find a couple of good pfblogs that i find the writers to be very open and honest, yet still teach or share some knowledge with me.

Debt R US said...


I have a personal blog which you might like. I try to keep it light but I do blog about our debt and savings. I agree there are many blogs out there just trying to get you to click on their ad's:)




supermom said...

So what do you think of my blog?

I couldn't possibly be more open and I've been criticized for it! I know there were more than a few pf bloggers that were turned off by a single mom blogging about pf. I beieve it made several self conscious. you know...boohoo...I just fired the help and saved several thousand dollars!!!

I have tried to keep my 7 dwarves out of it...well because I've been criticized and had a couple of trolls stalk me. I don't fit the snooty, investment...Wall Street Journal toting tightwad. Yup, I said it. I come from the other side of the tracks. You know, the working poor. I don't drive a benz, jaguar or beemer and complain about the gas. I'm like you..trying to stretch the groceries that much longer... LOL! I'm sure they find the online income appalling and the freebies embarassing. Whatever!!!!!

I hope you enjoy my blog! I enjoyed yours. You know...I can relate.

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