Saturday, September 16, 2006


The last two weeks have been amazingly full of things to do...we were doing okay following a budget until we found out that I had made a bank error - in our favor! Then, we spent about $150 in three days - gas, eating out, in general being terrible money-minded individuals.

But - we sold a bunch of stuff on ebay (about $100 for the moment), and I finished the bridesmaid's dress (another $100). We're sending a chunk to Best Buy and setting some aside for xmas.

We put some clothes on layaway at Walmart and decided to pay half this paycheck and half the next. We didn't put it on the cc, which is a big step.

We've sent some extra to Best Buy - deposits from sales. Also a big step.

We've been making meal plans and pretty much sticking to them. Also a big step. :)

So...slowly but surely. Dh found something online that he's interested in doing. If it works for him, more info here later. Also - I can get into ebay sales again now that the bridesmaid's dress is done & delivered, plus the first two weeks of school are over and I'll have more time.

I might get a job for the xmas rush. We'll see. I know I say that every year, but hey...Boston Store or Penney's could be really nice. And it would only be for two months or so. Anyone can do anything for two months.

Okay - not much else. More later. :)

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