Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Not much going on - lots of work, getting back into the swing of things with school starting back up, making a bridesmaid's dress, ebaying...

The ebay is going decent. I don't have the time right now to list more, with school starting, that dress I need to finish (wedding is two weeks from yesterday) and still trying to finish up the bathroom. We've made about $75, with about $30 (as of now) ending within about 3 days.

We've been having car problems, which really cuts into the amount we can send to the BECC's. We had to replace the water pump & thermostat ($200), and he says the catalytic converter is shot ($250+) and the valve cover gasket needs to be replaced ($500+). I guess next on the list is the catalytic converter - he was amazed that we've never had to replace it, our car has 170,000 miles on it. But man...where are we going to come up with another $250 - $300?

I vowed when I bought this car that I'd keep it until the monthly upkeep rivaled car many months do we continue until we give in? I hate car shopping - and have no desire to have a car payment again, even though we have no money put aside to buy one.

It's just about to the point that I need to reconsider the second job thing. There's no news on the soc sec lawsuit (dh is going to call the lawyer this week to see what's up), and we need the cash. If that came through...well, things would definitely be easier. But there's no sign of that happening...

Okay - I need to go update the bills to see where we're at until payday.

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