Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Paycheck year roll-over

The first paycheck of the school year is always the best because it shows the changeover for one more year of experience. With experience + education, we saw a $177 increase per month (we only get paid once a month) after taxes.


I was halfway enthusiastic about going to Boston Store tonight for their "hiring carnival", but hey...almost $200 a month is about what I'd make there...that's what the increase was...maybe, for now, I'll be happy with that.

We could always use more, of course, but...

Plus, I found out that I have only 3 years to get 24 credits or I'll bottom out on the paycheck. It's a weird teacher-pay thing. So...maybe I'll go back to school. Again. It would defer my current loans. And with more loans we could probably pay off the cc's. Nothing like moving it to a lower interest, tax deductible, 30 year rate.

Dave Ramsey would cringe and yell. I know.

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