Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not much...

I've been very busy with work & work-related stuff...conferences, etc. Good thing there's reimbursements.

Spent on my own for conferences: $172. The state will reiumburse all of it, thank God. No clue how I'd do it without that.

Not great news on the budget end...we're at $35 to last us until payday on the 20th. I'm so sick and tired of this happening every single month. No extra money to go to the BECC's, taking money out of savings to get through the month, taking ebay sales to get groceries...

We eat out too much. That has to stop. I'm not sure how much we'd save just from that, but it's a lot.


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Jane said...

I know that is our one downfall too. Eating out! I have been good about freezing leftovers. And some girlfriends are coming over this weekend for freezer cooking. Fall is perfect for soups and sauces!