Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving Day was wonderful, as always. It is always a treat to be with family for no other reason than...getting together. My sister went up to MN to be with my nephew, so we missed her, but had a nice time with my mom and other sister and her husband.

I've planned my attack for Black Friday and will hopefully get some good/great deals. We have sold enough on ebay to pay off Best Buy (yay us!) and I'm planning to post as much as I can on ebay between now and about a week before xmas. I had 20 things that ended last weekend and another 21 that end this weekend. I want to get a few more collections up there this week.

We are getting $1000, and will get some dental work done as well as be able to buy some things for xmas. The rest will go in savings. My sisters agreed not to exchange gifts this year - that will be so nice, less stressful. We're in our 30's and 40's...there's no reason we have to keep buying for each other all the time. This has cut down tremendously on the stress - both having the money for xmas as well as not having to buy gifts. Also, the paying off of Best Buy. All nice.

Okay - I'm off to do some research on ebay. :) Stay cool!

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