Sunday, November 05, 2006

here i am...

We've been working really hard on keeping the budget. We took $100 out at the beginning of the paycheck to NOT TOUCH until the 6th, which is about 1/2 way through the month for us. We've done it!

But...we're at $3 in the checking account, so that $100 has to last us through until payday. That's $50 a week, which is food & gas. No problem. We just need to be careful and stay on top of it.

We have until the middle of Dec to pay off Best Buy before the big chunk of interest gets added back in. We have about $125 left, and we have $150 put aside in savings to wipe it out...but then, we have nothing. Nothin in savings, nothin for xmas.

I posted a bunch of things on ebay this weekend. That money can go to Best Buy. I mean it this time! It will. It will. IT WILL. It has to. We have wiped out all other funding. We have nothing in savings. We have nothing available on the cc's.

This has to work. does. Otherwise, we'll go broke again. And I won't let that happen.

Work: busy. I may take a couple of classes in the spring to hop up the pay scale. AT the same time, it will give us some breathing room on the finances. I have a student teacher, and I've done some work with the state. I was nominated for a Kohl Fellowship, which is the first step to teacher of the year here - that was cool. :)

Okay - I"m off to post more on ebay. :)

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