Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My sisters and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year. That takes so much pressure off...it's just amazing. Last and this Christmas have been the least stressful I've had in years. I still have xmas cards to get out, but overall it's been very pleasant.

We've sold quite a bit on ebay lately. I worked really hard to get a lot online to get some extra cash before things stop selling in January. My mom was so excited when I mentioned that sales really slow down in Jan - "You mean I can get some deals?" lol

Not much else going on money-wise. I found a deal for us to go to Vegas, round trip air for 2, 3 nights at Excalibur for $650 (taxes included). That would just be the ultimate in a vacation for us and a celebration of our 10th anniversary. Now, if I can only find the money... :)