Monday, February 05, 2007

New year already

It's hard to believe that it's February already! Amazing.

Money - well, things have actually been going well. I feel like I'm in some Suze Orman commercial - we stopped hanging on to money so tightly, and it started coming in more!

We sold a LOT on ebay right before Christmas. It was the biggest selling spree I've ever done on there. It's a slow time for sewing, so it was good.

We got a large tax return. Some may criticize, but it's a helluva lot better than having to pay in. We're splurging - we've bought tickets to Vegas in April. We haven't been on a vacation together in 8 years, and it's our 10th anniversary this summer. I'm so excited! And we got a great deal - 2 round trip tickets out of O'Hare, + 3 nights at Luxor, + a car for the whole time we're there = $700. That's $700 all together, not each. All we need is money for food & gambling!

We'll be able to put new tires on the truck, and we bought a new battery for the camcorder to take with us to Vegas. We went out to eat twice, and the rest will go into savings.

We're getting savings up to $750, and then extra money will go to the cc's. I'm so sick of them. They need to go.

Dh's social security court date was last week - our lawyer said that it went well, but from the questions the judge was asking, we will likely be refused. That's okay. It would have been nice, but we'll survive.

I have sewing prospects, which is fun. 2 wedding dresses + bridesmaids dresses. Plus I'm starting up on with some of the girls' clothes I have ideas for. ebay is slow for sewing, so I hesitate to put things on there.

Let's money money things. I'm planning to teach summer school again, which will help, also. dh and I agreed that we would keep some for fun/home improvement, but most to one of the cc's. We pay about $160 in interest alone each month. It's gotta go, man. Really.

It's cold here - school was cancelled today because of -40 wind chills, and we're already delayed 2 hours tomorrow. The Super Bowl was fun - love watching the Bears get beat. :) Hey, I'm from Wisconsin. It's allowed.

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