Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vegas rocked!

We stayed within our budget, and that was such a good feeling - that we were able to have so much fun and pay cash. We did deplete a lot of our savings, which we felt the pinch on when our alternator on the car died yesterday...but we were able to get it fixed, and that's what counts.

Business is going well, I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Work has it's issues, but they'll work out. I have things listed on ebay and etsy and am trying to de-stress myself as much as possible (easier said than done).

I listened to Suze Orman's new book "Women and Money" on mp3 last week. It's very interesting, especially the idea of not putting yourself on sale. I really liked it. It got very technical in the middle, and I don't completely agree with her on a few things, but it was good to get another point of view. I think it's really important to get lots of info. :)

And...I finally got a piano. I've wanted one for years and years, so it felt GREAT to finally get one. It was from an auction for $15. Amazing!