Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Tuesday already! Man, time flies in the summer.

We've had a few more ebay auctions end since Friday - my first no-sale in a few weeks, but about $15 in sales. We have some more ending tonight, in 2 days, and I need to post a few more. So - sales, $15.

I fitted the wedding dress on my bride yesterday, and she is delighted with it, which is really cool. The dress is fun to make. After we talked for awhile, she asked if she could pay me the balance so she could keep better track of who was paid and who wasn't (for her wedding, that is) - she didn't owe me anything until the next fitting and then the pick up. So, that was an unexpected and very cool $448. Now, we can re-fund the savings/emergency fund to the level I like it, keep $100 in the credit union and $400 in the online savings (that way we don't pick at it for silly reasons (like eating out). All of this, plus we can still send some extra to the smaller of the BECC's (Big Evil Credit Card), since we already have about $150 in savings. Yay!

I did hit another auction this weekend, with the possibility (not certainty, though) of great resale. Dh and I have created what we call "tag team auctioning". Maybe I'll write a post just on that. :) So - I spent $70, but what I bought I should be able to sell on ebay for double that.

I spent last night taking pics to get ready to post more on ebay, so at least one auction should go up tonight. I'm getting better at the whole "you can list just one thing" rather than looking at my whole "ebay station" in my basement and thinking that there is no way I can get through that. It's a good lesson.

I am also hoping to get some more sewn this weekend to list on ebay or etsy. I'm looking into so many different things - typical for me, I get so interested in so many different things, and then get bogged down in all the "stuff." I have some really cute flannel prints, though, for some totes/bags for little girls. And magazine bags fascinate me. I want to try one with some of the old vintage mags I have.

Okay - I'm off. :) I'm pleased with where I'm at - I like it when we can pay extra. I paid ourselves back for shipping costs and paid ebay their share, so now what is in paypal is extra that can go to the BECC. I like that. :) :)

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