Sunday, July 08, 2007

All right - I did it!

I joined Associated I just need to figure out what I feel like writing about. :)

I've decided that August (after summer school and the wedding is over) is going to be my month to work on myself, the weight stuff, and the money stuff. I'm going to monetarize this blog and work on promoting this and the business. And I always dreamed of being paid to fun!

A link -

Join Associated Content

Here's to getting out of debt!

Tomorrow is a work day with the state - the work I do will be paid $400 after it's all done. We'll have the Baby Emergency Fund (BEF) in no time...and we'll get that smaller of the BECC's out of the way! I have a goal - to have the BEF in place and debt down to $11,500 by the end of the year. We can do that!

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Jennifer said...

Glad you finally took the plunge. Let me know when you get published so I can give you some page views. :)