Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Earnings Update

The last week has been interesting, even with my unexpected budget crisis.

Ebay sales ending in the last week gained us $98.00, which is AWESOME. We're waiting on money order payments for 2 of them.

I also got the unexpected curriculum writing check for $268 for the work I did a couple of weeks ago. That is set to help us with our budget crisis and get us through 'til payday.

I also did some returns - Walmart $9.66 and Menards $5.26, cashed in 2 lottery tickets (yeah, we enjoy them, but we only spend about $4 a month on them - every once in awhile we'll get a scratch off or the Powerball), so $13 there, and a return to JC Penney for $19.72. Not bad, hey?

We have also not been out to eat since last week Friday. Not long, I know, but significant for us, especially for me as I drive to work (it's just to easy to stop for an a.m. soda and muffin!). So I was really proud of myself for that.

I'm going to be working on some purses & bags with some of the extra material I have on hand, maybe some little girl's pouches and outfits, some whatnot bags. I enjoy making those. :)

I have the dresses to work on, too, which has been fun. Plus a load of things to make for me, of course, and a bunch of possibilities floating through my head for other reconstructed clothing. I need to get more posted on etsy to get that going.

I'm also leaning more towards playing around on Associated Content - sounds intriguing, and I even have dh interested in it. That would be good for him!

I am 3 pounds away from a 20 pound loss, which I have set aside money for a pair of earrings off etsy. Now...I just need to lose the 3 and decide which pair to get...

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Jennifer said...

Good for you, Kris.

I did some returns today too. Feels good. Got 3 articles accepted at AC today for $8 each. You should give it a shot. My goal is two articles a day for the whole month, but I'm falling behind. I need to find my digital camera so I can do some ebay sales too.

Talk to you soon.