Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, I worked on the wedding dress...

Well, I worked on the wedding dress for most of last night - it's coming along very nicely, with no real problems. Gotta love that. :)

We got a nice surprise in the email this morning - made a sale on for $50! It's still the best place (for us, at least) to sell books that have some value. We haven't gotten a lot in the last year or so, just a few sales here and there, but there's no listing charge and it stays listed as long as you want. I'll count that money when it posts to our checking account with deposit.

Also got a money order today for an ebay sale - $25.24. I need to get those two things mailed out today.

I did some digging in our freezer to see what was in there, and found a VERY large turkey breast my mom had bought us last fall on sale (9 pounds!). I'm going to cut that in half, put half back in the freezer and put the other half in the pressure cooker tonight. Then we won't get sick of turkey, but we'll have a nice dinner with some leftovers for later.

My pantry is pretty full - I'm working really hard at "shopping" from there for dinners and adding in veggies, etc. We need to run to Walmart this afternoon and I'm going to check out the produce for some fresh veggies - we're out!

Not much else going on. I will get this paid off...I will get this paid off...I will...I will...


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