Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ebay - sweetness!

I'm so excited - for about a week and a half, I couldn't use my office computer for anything that had fill-in boxes (like here, and OD, and ebay, and Auctiva, etc). They just wouldn't load. So dh reformatted my computer, and now I can!

So - I was able to get 5 auctions listed tonight, in addition to relisting some things that didn't sell. I also have at least 2 more that are scheduled to start tomorrow night (I'm picky about when my auctions end - I like them to end between 6:30 and 8:30 CST).

I have such a huge ebay pile for Christmas stuff, and it hit me just about 2 weeks ago that I needed to get my butt in gear - because those auctions need to END no later than the 10th or so in order for people to get them before the holidays. Plus, ebay just DIES in January, so I need to get as much on there as possible to get my ebay stash down before the late-winter death of sales.

No stress. Nope, not here. I soooo want to get as much sold to send a big ole payment to BECC #1. That would be SO COOL, especially right at xmas time.

(side note: our dryer seems to be dying. It's 9 years old and is making a terrible rumbling sound. Still turns, still dries, still blows air - but terrible noise. I'm so worried about how much it will cost to fix it...we just got the BEF set up!!)


Jennifer said...

Hi Kris. I so need to put some things on ebay. Good for you for being so organized! Maybe after the craft fair this weekend I can get to it!

Jane said...

have you ever checked out for selling??

Kris said...

Hi Jane - I have used etsy, but have fallen away from it a little bit lately. I need to get my storefront up on my website, and load some things on there.

It's a good site, but you need good views, and that seems to be kind of hard to get. GREAT prices, though - and compared to ebay, it's just amazing.

The things I'm selling right now aren't homemade, though - and etsy needs that caveat. :)