Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How bad do you want it?

Dh and I had a conversation the other day on how badly we want to be out of debt. It was great communication regarding what we're willing to give up and what constitutes quality of life.

I know this will veer from the Dave Ramsey path a little bit, but we aren't willing to give up everything. I guess that makes us not-so-Gazelle. But...there are things that just make life easier that we like having around.

That doesn't mean that we don't view the debt as a very high priority, and any extra money that comes through will go to paying off the BECC's.

In fact, after the last few weeks of actually getting some stuff on ebay, paying all fees and postage, etc - we have over $180 in paypal that we'll be able to send off to the target BECC before Christmas! I'm very excited about that. We dont' have HUGE things to sell on ebay (no really big ticket items), but we're unloading a lot of smaller stuff and getting decent amounts for them. I can live with that. Auctiva really makes my life easier on that part.

Are we willing to go without heat? no. Are we willing to put the heat down to 63 or something? No, sorry. 65 at night, 68 during the day, that's where it's staying (but I do love our programmable thermostat! That rocks!). The money we'd save just...isn't worth being that cold.

Are we going to go without cable? No. Although we may switch to Dish.

Are we going to lose our home phone or cell phone? No. We have the landline for here, and the cell for going places. I don't want two cell phones, and neither one of us is comfortable with no landline.

Will we look at the groceries? You bet. That can always use trimming - it's our biggest expense outside of the mortgage. How can 2 people eat so much?

And eating out? ~blush~ This is the worst for us. We need to stop - I need to grow up and just deal with making dinners. I hate cooking, but jeez...that's just too much money to spend.

It was really nice to talk and agree on things, though. I told him that I've seen people that will make a payment to the cc if they make an impulse buy (like, buying cookies for $2.52, so making a $2.52 payment to the cc company). He's thinking on that. :) He likes his impulse purchases. It sure would make us think twice, though, if we had to pay double. Not so much of a deal, then...

We do agree that what we "find" (with ebay, rummage sales, business sales, reimbursements, rebates, etc) will go directly to the target BECC, even if it's only a few bucks. Those few bucks can add up...just look at our ebay sales...

So it was good.


Elizabeth said...

Way to go, Kris. Those good conversations are like money in the bank when it comes to relationships. I like the idea of doubling up on impulse purchases -- having to put that same amount to paying off your debt. I used to do something similar when I was younger and single -- if I wanted a new "toy", I had to save twice the purchase price before I could buy. Then I'd buy my toy and put an equal amount in savings.

JW said...

My wife and I desperately need to do the same thing that you and your husband did. We need to sit down and discuss exactly how badly we want to be debt free. Because, right now I feel we are on a perpetual roller coaster. And, we're not getting anywhere.

Financially Broke said...

Like you, I look at things and I have decided that there are just some things that I will not give up. Cable for one. My cable includes the internet and house phone... and I have no intention of NOT having the house phone or internet access within my own home, unless it means I will not be able to pay some other necessary utility. As far as the thermostat goes.... I woke up this morning and somehow my programmable thermostat was set at 60 degrees and the temperture in the house was only 65.... not so bad when I was under the covers and warm, VERY chilly when I woke up. I never set it to 60.. .so I am going to have to fix that!