Thursday, December 27, 2007

Money Goals for 2008

Doesn't it seem weird to see 2008? I feel old.

I told dh that I'd like us to sit down to make reasonable money goals for 2008. I gave him examples: paying off the lower of the 2 BECC's, paying off the dryer debt, keeping the BEF at $1000, sticking to our written budget and using cash envelopes, etc. I asked him to think over what his priorities would be, and we're going to talk about it over the weekend.

Here are my goals for the moment:
1. Keep the car running another year. Hopefully that won't take too much.
2. Get the lower of the BECC's paid down to below $2000. That would mean paying off $2000 or so.
3. Pay off the dryer ($450).

I'm keeping them simple, because I hate it when I set goals too high and then it's impossible to reach. We only have about $50 a month to pay towards debt if I don't do ebay stuff or rummage sales, etc. I do teach summer school and plan to this year, also, which is a nice check, but also has to help us cover other sinking funds like Christmas, etc.

We'll see what dh's list is. He is less involved in the bills part of things, so he may not be 100% sure of where we're at - not because of me hiding stuff or anything like that, it's his lack of interest. I'm working on that, too.


Financially Broke said...

I remember when I was married, and my exhusband had no interest in anything financial... other than did he have enough money to buy whatever he wanted. Urgh. Which is part of the reason why I am in the mess I am in... but I digress. It is hard to really focus in when the other party is not totally into it...

Good luck with getting him to be more interested!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Lack of interest. That sounds familiar! LOL!

That can be HIS contribution to the goals!