Sunday, December 09, 2007


We use Quicken for our finances. I rarely use the graphs, etc, even though I should. I updated the bank account this morning, and pulled out the graphs and charts.

How could we have spent so much money on groceries? I just don't get it.

Dh does not like the envelope method. He worries we'll run out. I point out - the money has to come from somewhere. We are going to have to sit down and have a serious talk about this.

Our grocery & household budget (tp, cleaning stuff, vitamins, etc) is $350 a month. There's only the two of us, so this should be totally okay.

What did we actually spend during paycheck months? (We get one paycheck a month, on the 20th, so our month is a little different from the calendar month)

So far, since 11/20 (today is 12/9), we've spent $499.44
10/19 - 11/19 = $566.19
9/19 - 10/19 = $515.74
8/19 - 9/19 = 392.20
7/19 - 8/19 = 643.62 (!!!)
6/20 - 7/19 = 536.02

So...I see no significant change in there from when we started DR in July or so. You know, when we're supposed to have been on a budget. I'm tickled with the August paycheck spending - which is still almost $50 OVER what it should be.

I don't know what happened in the July paycheck. Might have been coupon frenzy.

But you see a pattern here. We've already overspent our grocery, etc budget by $150 and there's still 10 days to payday.

Since Oct 1st, we've spent $1200 (!) on groceries, and $358 on eating out.

I need to get this under control. It's both of us. We are both impulse shoppers. Having the cash in the envelope helps keep me focused - maybe I'll set it up with most in envelope, saving half for halfway through payday, and keep $50 in the checking for dh to use the debit card with so he doesn't feel deprived.

What the hell are we buying?


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Jennifer said...

I'm impressed that you know exactly how much you have spent on groceries. That's a good start at least.

I've been having some trouble staying on plan lately too.