Saturday, December 01, 2007


We've had some really good ends to auctions on ebay - not super huge numbers, but moving a LOT of stuff out of the basement, and selling stuff for more than I paid from local auctions - always nice. :)

By the middle of the month, we should be able to send at least $200 to the targeted cc...which would be AWESOME! lol I'm so excited to be able to start sending extra money to the BECC's. Even dh said it would feel really good to send them some extra.

What else have I done to help our money situation? Well...
  • I washed clothes at home rather than just use the washer & dryer at the laundromat...
  • We are NOT running out to pay full price for a new dryer, we are waiting to see what the sales are. I would prefer Best Buy, only because they often have free delivery and carryout of the old, they have the "reward zone" which is kinda nice for big purchases, and we have a "mystery coupon" that we could use for them (guaranteed at least $5 off, possibly up to $5000. You know, even $50 off would be REALLY sweet...).
  • Finally sorted through all my coupons. I've been slacking there - my "to be sorted and filed" pile had expired coupons in it...that's how naughty I've been...
  • Sent 4 envelopes of expired coupons to a friend who's an Army wife. She can use them on base. :)
  • Got 2 packages mailed off for ebay winnings,
  • and packed up 4 more to send Monday,
  • and got the rest of the Christmas ebay stuff off the shelves and ready to start processing for ebay. That was cool.
  • Put together a reimbursement sheet for our medical reimb. program - we'll get a few bucks back, which is planned to be sent as a snowflake to the BECC...
  • and a rebate for $2.99
  • and a rebate for $18.72. All of those are intended to be sent directly to the BECC. I have one for $8 here at home, just haven't gotten to the bank yet.
  • ...that might be it. But hey, I'm ecstatic with all of that!

Packers lost, which is really sad. It was my birthday on Thursday, too - I thought they'd give me a really nice birthday present. Shucks. ;)


Jane said...

It was my husband's birthday on Thursday too. He wasn't as unhappy about the Packers as I was (darn Viking fan...) One thing about the dryer purchase... is that I found in our area that Best Buy and Sears would not do gas dryer hook-ups. but I hear it's not hard to do, but when we compared prices to the ones we wanted from Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears to our local appliance shop it wasn't that much... and they all did free hauls, but the appliance shops also did the hookup for us.. so just something to consider if you're getting a gas dryer... good luck!

Kris said...

Hey Jane - I have noticed it's harder to get gas dryers - but we "lucked out" and have electric...I only quote that because I'm not convinced it's the better deal, but that's what we have.

I'm not sure if I'd want some delivery guy from Best Buy to hook it up anyway - they aren't maintenance guys...and what if they did it wrong?!