Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Amazing that it's 2008 already.

Well, I was able to hit some cool sales the last week. I put aside $50 for after Christmas sales, just because I love them so much. I got some random Christmas stuff, but mostly things we would need - xmas cards, a few wrapping boxes, food.

Some real steals:
  • Found big(gish) boxes of sturdy cardboard, about a foot tall and 9" by 6" or so. They have lids, too. And they're decorated with snowflakes - $1.74 each (75% off at Target). I bought 4 of them for packing away and storing xmas stuff, and they can be used for wrapping next year, too.
  • Bags of "Hershey's kissables". My dh loves them, and they were $.69 a bag. We bought 10 for the freezer. He'll forget about them and I'll tote one up in a couple months and make his day.
  • Some lights for outside - big bulbs in a satin finish, for $2.50

Those are the really big deals. I got more, and it was fun. :)

Still waiting for the paypal money to clear our bank to get it transferred to the cc. It will feel soooo good to do that. We're still waiting to see if we need the $100 from my mom (she gave us for xmas) - if not, it's going to the cc, too.

I'm so excited to get this going! I have plans - big plans - for working around the house. The next big thing is the rummage sale in June. I might post some things on ebay in a few weeks, but for now, that's over. It was a lot of work for under $300! I might post some things on Craigslist - at least it's free.

Okay...I need to go do something...what can I do TONIGHT to get more money to send to the cc's? Hmm...

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Wendy said...

My dh bought me Dark Kissables for my stocking this year. THEY ARE GOOD!

My after Christmas find was Mint M&Ms for .50 each. Unfortunately I was only able to find 3 bags! Those are my FAVORITE!

I guess I should start organizing and bringing some stuff to work to shred. They have the power shredder there. Much quicker!