Monday, January 21, 2008

Car car car...

It was REALLY cold on Saturday - I go out to start our new (to us) car -


Dead battery.

After a HUGE amount of drama over the weekend (topped off by the Packers losing...what a crappy weekend...) - dh was able to get the car into the dealer today and warranty covered the new battery. Nice surprise!

We did, however, need a second key for the car. Did you know how much getting a "chip key" costs? $50 freaking dollars. That's how much.

Not to mention that we don't have remotes for the alarm (guess how I found that out!) or the trunk. They're on order. Not sure how much they're going to charge us for that. The trunk is an annoyance...but it really sucks when the alarm goes off. We don't have any way to turn it off. Embarrassing. Really.

So...our BEF is no longer $1000. It's not even $800 any longer.

Hopefully it won't take long to get it back up to where it should be. I need to do the taxes...

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Wendy said...

Oh Good Grief!!

It's been C O L D out there too!
Tough loss for the Pack too. You can only be handed a win so many times, I guess. They really BLEW IT!

Sorry to hear about the "new" car already having problems - but very good to hear that the dealer put a new one in there. With this cold weather, it's a good thing to have!!