Saturday, January 12, 2008

CVS fun run today!

I haven't seen super-great deals for us at CVS lately - just the holiday stuff, I guess, and not as many coupons out.

Today I made a run down there because I needed two prescriptions filled anyway, and I ended up with a really decent haul. :)

I found 2 CVS brand "Olay Regenerist" face creams on clearance for a dollar each! That was a really nice surprise - that's nice stuff!

A two-pack (combined) of CVS storage bags, gallon sized, with zipper.

20 rolls of Cottonelle tp (they were out of their advertised sale, a 20 pack for $9.99 with 2 ecbs, so they gave me a 12 pack and 2-4 packs for the $7.99)

2 toothbrushes

1 Garnier Fructis hair mousse

2 Lysol sprays

I had a few coupons, and paid with Ecb's - but it came to 83 cents OOP! I was really excited. ooh - I take that back - I paid out of the household account for the tp. What a deal, though!

Plus, i got more ECB's back than I paid with. Gotta love it.

I enjoy CVS - the couponing has become a fun hobby. Who knew - a hobby that could help you with your budget instead of hurt it! lol

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Cyn said...

That's an awesome haul! Congrats on your great finds.