Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sent another little chunk...

Well, actually a nice sized chunk!

We are now at $12,796.86 for the BECC balance - UNDER $13,000 for the first time in YEARS.

I am so freakin' excited, I could BUST! lol

And we still possibly have more money to send to them - $100 from mom for xmas, $120 for a dress I'm making, and the possible $800 or so from the annuity that I'm still trying to read the fine print on.

I tell ya, as you make changes, you find money EVERYWHERE!

I love seeing that little chart's really become an inspiration for me. Weird, cuz it's been there for quite awhile does it just now become so cool to see change?

Maybe it's because the BEF is finally in place and I feel like we have a plan.

All step. I have yards and yards of polar fleece in my sewing room. I had grand plans that aren't happening. Should I sell it on ebay? Yes or No...



Wendy said...

Hey Kris!!
Congrats!! And you didn't have to raid the couch cushions either- that's fantastic!

I love watching that chart change too! I think visuals are a great motivation.

I was monkeying around with my snowball spreadsheet today figuring in the 5/3 paycheck months for my dh and myself and seeing how much faster we can get out of debt! I was getting excited watching the "Pay Off" month change by ONE! LOL

Jennifer said...

That's great Kris! :O

Financially Broke said...


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