Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Not much to report money-wise. We needed to go into the $100 that we got for Christmas in order to make it through to payday (Friday), but that was expected because of the car issues last week.

We did have to use some of the BEF during the car emergency, so that will have to be our #1 emphasis as we get paid - to get the BEF back to $1000.

Then, we need to work on the budget to get the new car loan fit in there. That will mean some calls - to the cable company, and probably the cell phone.

Finally, we need to get our tax stuff together - we should have the last of the tax papers within a week or so. So different from last year - we were so anxious to get the tax stuff so that we could book our vacation to Vegas! Now, we do them to get the refund to go to KY to see family and pay off the smaller of the BECC's.

Although it will be really cool to pay off the smaller it will give us $140 more that can help with the car payment...

Well, I guess this is just a rambling post. :)

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