Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cell Phone Fun

We've been looking at the pay-as-you-go plans for our cell phone, as I mentioned before. Well, we stopped at Walmart this morning to see what they had. We found a Tracfone for under $20, and then would have to buy the minutes, which averaged out to about $10 a month for a short number of minutes.

When we got home, I got online to see what our current provider offers. The minutes were acceptable ($25 for 130 minutes over 3 months), but I couldn't find any information anywhere on the phone. It looked like we'd have to buy a new phone (at least $20) or at least a new SIM card ($15) to make our current phone into a pay-as-you-go phone. This really ticked off dh. A lot. "Scam" and "Slimy bastards" were some of the nicer things he said. :)

So I decided to call them. I found out SUCH good news - I'm so excited!

We can transfer to pay-as-you-go with one phone call. It takes them about 24 hours to switch, but we DON'T need a new phone, we DON'T need a new SIM card - nothing. Just a call. They give 5 minutes so you keep your same phone number, and then you can add in minutes as you normally would.

AND...maybe the best part? If we don't like it, we can make ONE phone call back to them, choose a new plan, and get back on monthly payments.

Dh wasn't around, and he is on the account as primary, so I couldn't do it then. Not that I would - dh and I still need to talk about it. But it looks like this will be the best option for us.

And it will cut out $34 a month to go to the car payment. :) Yippee!

Now...Charter is next on the chopping block...


Jennifer said...

Yeay, Kris! That's great! I've been doing a prepaid for a couple of years and it's been fine. Good work!

S.B. said...

Good for you! We have tracfone and love it!

I posted about it on my blog: