Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been gone for awhile - not because I've gone off track, but it's been a hellish week. Nothing really money-related.

The "Blizzard of '08" is what they're calling the snowfall we got on Wednesday. Here, we got 20". Sustained winds over 40mph, gusts over 60mph. We are now 2.5" away from setting a new record snowfall for a winter season. And...lordy lordy...more SNOW is in the forecast for tomorrow night. How exciting.

Work drama. 'nuff said.

And I have a killer cold which has just set me flat on my butt. Meds can take care of the stuffy nose (mostly) and cough, but there's still the achies and man...I'm just constantly exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week.

I did go to the Garden Expo in Madison with my mom & sisters today - and it was awesome, because for a little while, we could imagine that spring was going to come.




Financially Broke said...

Spring will come!!! I promise!!!! :)

I can't wait for Spring Break at school because it will give me some time to go through this house and clean out all this STUFF I have somehow managed to accumulate AND move AROUND THE WORLD 4 times. I have no idea why I shipped half of this stuff back! I find it amazing as my financial ideals are changing, I am finding that I really do not want to be loaded down with much more than what could fit in a medium sized moving truck. (Because I do really like having furniture!)

Wendy said...

Hope you're feeling better Kris!

And looks like this latest "storm" will pass north of us! You got a bit more than we did ... by about 7 inches!!!

I'm ready for Spring!

Dump the Debt said...

AWW I'm sorry you're sick Kris, that sucks!! I know all about work

I hope you feel better soon. Remember spring is just around the corner...YAY! *does happy dance*

JW said...

Hope you get better soon.

We're getting the same inclement weather here in Michigan.

Hang in there it will be over soon.