Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just about the end of Break...

Okay - here was my financial "to do" list for this week, and what I was actually able to accomplish:

~post the bed on Craigslist and get it out of our garage - 1/2 done - it's posted, but not gone yet (did this Friday).
~post at least the three DVD's we have of TV series on ebay - posted, and already have 2 bids (also on Friday).
~organize the stuff from my mom that is going in the rummage pile - and it would probably be really smart to price it before then, too... Well, I got it out of the car and down into the basement. It's not organized yet. And not priced. I really should do that.
~update Quicken - finally finished, Saturday night.
~get to the bank to deposit the "extra" check and our coins (piggy's full!) - did this pretty early in the week, on Monday.
~balance the checking account - part of updating Quicken - just finished tonight (Saturday).
~get the bill pay info for the car payment - showed up in the mail, it's all filled out, just need to write a letter with it making sure they don't change the due date.
~change/cancel the cable - we need to downgrade
~call the cellphone company to change our plan
~I need to go in to work at least one day (probably tomorrow) to work on some curriculum stuff I've been putting off. That should be, after it's all done, about 15 hours @ $23 an hour. Nice!
- went in Wed and Thurs to get some stuff done. Great to have things mostly caught up. :)
~get some sewing stuff listed on etsy
~update my business webpage. I'm getting some hits with the christening gowns, but I really need to get a shopping cart, etc on there with actual stock that's completed and could be sent out immediately. Most of my business is make-as-you-go (better put as "custom made"), but there are definitely a few things that I could have constantly made up and able to ship out. Plus I know Google hits get better the more you update your page. I need to do something there.

So, overall, I did okay. I will call the cable and cell phone companies tomorrow - I need dh nearby because he is the authorized user on the cell account, and I never knew that I wasn't added on as an AU!

I also posted one story to Associated Content (actually, it was my post below on credit scores) and plan to do that a little more often to boost things a little bit.

We kind of fell off the wagon with the "concentrate on cc debt" wagon - we bought the dryer on credit, thinking we'd pay it off with the tax return, and that just didn't happen. Then, the car. Then, the bed, thinking we'd pay it off with summer school money. We soooo need to stop that. Draw the line in the sand and all that good stuff. I want to get back on track with paying down the CC! I miss seeing my pie over there get smaller!

I need something to kick this logjam.

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Wendy said...

You know, Kris, I envy you. You are truly a go-getter. You know what needs to get done and you do it! Good for you on your quite extensive to do list! You have so many hats to wear, I don't see how you get everything done!

Aces Girl! You are aces!!