Friday, March 21, 2008 came back...

Work has been so hectic, with me out for a week - and then the antibiotics ran out and it came back! I called the doc right away and said I REALLY didn't want to get that sick again. She has me on another round of antibiotics. Hopefully it will work this time.

I got an extra $250 check with my paycheck this month, for curriculum work I did. We're in discussions at the moment - whether to send it right to the Best Buy card, or whether to keep it as a cushion as we get used to the new budget with the car payment. Part of me says that if we keep it as a cushion, we will spend differently because we know it's there. Another part says "what if we run out?". I hate that.

So...I'm on Spring Break, which is nice. No work until 4/2, although I will probably go in to finish up some stuff that's on my desk. And I'll get paid curriculum time for 2 projects I need to finish, too. Nice.

I need my Spring Break list, which I haven't made yet. Up on top will be to post a few things on ebay, and get the mattress on Craigslist and out of our garage. I think we're going to go for $250 and see what happens. I'm tempted to even start at $300 - we can always go down. After all, it's the bed, frame, dust ruffle, Memory Foam, and 4 sets of sheets (2 flannel, 2 regular). Even at $300, I think it's a great deal. would be nice to have all the crap gone (rummage sale is in June) and the house somewhat back to normal. And have a few things paid off. And a vacation.

Hey. While I'm wishing, I might as well go large. ;)

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Jennifer said...

Hope you're feeling better. I know what you mean about how you might spend the extra money if you have it. We are the same way. We tend to spend whatever money we have in our checking account. That's why I transfer any money above our official budget over to our on line savings account. This way we're not tempted to spend it. But if we need it, we can transfer some funds over within a couple of day.