Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bragged too soon...

This month has been crazy. And it's only the 30th - only 10 days since payday. We have $150 to last us through until payday (May 20th). And I haven't paid the cable bill or the cell phone bill.

See, we get money from other sources. And then, instead of taking care of things right away, we justify things - "oh, we can go out to eat, we have that money!" , or "Oh, the dog needs shots, but we have that money!" or 10 billion other things.

And then, of course - that money is gone. Even though it was supposed to go to paying off the dryer.

But not only is it gone, we spent MORE than that amount, so we're screwed.


Here's to hoping that the tax rebate comes very soon. Like, tomorrow would be nice. We are scheduled for May 2, so hopefully we'll see it this week. (I say hopefully because we owe the VA some money, and they tend to seize parts of our refunds. I'm hoping that they don't take it all...)

Good news, though - I did a balance transfer to the new cc. 0% interest until the end of September, and then 14% afterwards. High, but it's half of what we pay in interest now (30%). This is a good thing - it will help us focus a little more on actually getting it paid down, and allow more of our money to go to the debt repayment. I'm hoping it will be a good motivator to get it gone. We weren't able to transfer all of it, we still have about $1200 left on the smaller card and still $10,000 on the bigger card, but now $2300 is on this 0% interest to be snowballed second.

So...that was good. :)

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Dannalie said...

Stay the are doing great!
We owe the IRS so we aren't getting any of the rebate...but at least it goes towards my debt and not into my hot little hands!
Keep up the good work!