Thursday, May 29, 2008

Da book!

Amazingly, I broke down...and purchased our own copy of "Total Money Makeover".

I had borrowed it from the library three times, but when I went to go re-read it, it was marked as "lost" and "pending charges". In other one was going to be replacing it any time soon.

Last weekend, Dave Ramsey had a $10 sale on his books, but I found one on ebay for a similar price, and I could use paypal (past ebay sales) to pay for it instead of the evil cc's or having to get it out of the monthly budget.

And it arrived within 2 days! So, I'm about 3 chapters into it. I got the "updated" 2007 version, which I haven't read yet, so it's a little different.

(But I still haven't done the bills yet...I'm kind of scared to see how much we've spent since my back went out...on a brighter note, the physical therapy seems to be helping me, so that's nice!)

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