Saturday, May 10, 2008

I <3 Walgreens

I've had such a fun time this week with the Walgreens P&G deal, and didn't even go over our budget (we used a sinking fund for the dog, but won't need the amount we took out until she needs her shots in Dec). We are kind of tight this month due to stupidity, but we'll be fine. Frustrated, but fine.

So...what did I end up with from Walgreens? Glad you asked:
  • 17 tubes of toothpaste
  • 9 bottles of dh's favorite body wash (Old Spice Pure Sport)
  • 3 pretty new colors of nail polish (dh says they're "teeny bopper" colors - I told him they were for my toes, not my fingers, and he sighed in relief)
  • 1 lipslicks (fun)
  • 1 blush (backup)
  • 2 eyeliners (backup)
  • and...something else that I'm forgetting.

I also ended up with $60 in RR's to use in the next two weeks. So far, here's what I'm looking at to use them on:

  • Generic H&S (we didn't use "the deal" to buy H&S because it was just too expensive - but we have no problem using the generic version),
  • Breathe Right strips are on sale next week for $1 for 18! We usually pay $10 for 30 of them, and they REALLY help me stay asleep and feel more rested.
  • Miracle Whip 2/$5, 4 of these should last us through into fall
  • Batteries.
  • Oh, and 1 Gillette 2-n-1 body wash, which comes with a RR for a free one. I've seen on HCW that some people are able to roll these, which would be cool, but I'm not counting on it.

At least, that's my plan right now. I've looked at the sales coming up and there's not much to roll these RR's in to. I passed on the razors, etc this time.

Love these was almost as fun as the P&G thing at Kmart last summer! Now THAT was a rollin' fun deal! lol


Jennifer said...

Great deals, Kris! I need to get back on track! I bought some of the deals from Walgreens last month and this month but never went on line to file for the rebates! Good for you though! :)

Wendy said...

That is a good haul!!
And to think when I looked at the ad, I said to myself - "Nothing interesting.." I guess I didn't look hard enough!! LOL

The one hard thing about stockpiling in this house is that the guys take it as liberty to go through them faster because they are here. It's laughable honestly. Any treats that I buy on a Tuesday are gone by the weekend ... and sometimes when I stockpile treats they are gone just as fast or soon after. It's stupid. And I can't find good hiding places for this stuff anymore!

Yeah, the car thing has got my head going in a spin. I'm trying to act like the big girl and get my responsibilities ahead of my "not-so-needs". I tell you it's hard when you have your husband telling you to "Do it! You have my full blessing..." Thankfully the colors I like the most aren't the easiest to find so my stalling tactics are working so far.