Friday, July 04, 2008


Well, I got so much done yesterday, I could just bust! It was great, and I was even able to cross two things off my summer to-do list.

Not much of it has to do with money stuff, so I won't go into huge detail, but I did get the ad in the free paper for the rummage sale next Saturday, returned a purse I had bought, and got to the bank.

I also stopped by the antique mall in town where my mom has a case and found an open case closer to the checkout, so I moved all our stuff to that one. Mom was REALLY happy.

I sorted and packed NINE boxes worth of stuff for the rummage sale! That was amazing. Went through the stockpile for donation and sales...poor thing looks so small now...

Wendy mentioned the SecondSpin website - I had seen that link on LLNOE, and put all our DVD's in there to see how much they'd offer. They came back with a little under $2 per movie on average ($47 for 24 movies I had in that pile still). We decided to try the $4 each or 3/$10 at the rummage sale and see what happens. If there's any left after the sale and the flea market, I'll try them again. Some of the movies, they would only pay a quarter for! For that, I'll try the rummage sale. But thanks for the idea! :)

Okay - gotta go plan my 4th of July. Our little town has the nicest parade I've ever seen - the whole place goes all-out and the parade is about an hour and a half long. I also want to get through more boxes and get the material ready for the sale!

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