Monday, July 28, 2008

A few things on my mind...part 2 of 3

I think I'll be dividing this up into three parts - just 3 very different things to talk about regarding money. This is part 2.

I got a great deal at Walgreens on Saturday. I also got in a huge argument with the assistant manager, but I won. I'm sure my photo is now on a back wall in the employee break room somewhere with a warning sign on it.

They had Vive Pro shampoos and conditioners as a buy one get one free for the month of July (expiring Saturday). I had b1g1 free coupons, which makes for nice, free shampoo. BUT - starting Friday, they also had the new Walgreens coupons out, which had a $1 off any Vive Pro purchase. You can use Walgreens coupons with manufacturers coupons at Walgreens, so this was a GREAT deal.

They also had a deal for buy one get one free Dove hair stuff. I had a $1.50 off one coupon, plus a coupon I found on a tearpad somewhere - buy one shampoo + one conditioner, get a hair styler free (like mousse or hairspray). Not bad - 4 Doves for $3.50. Not terrific, but okay. I don't always get great deals on hairspray type things, so I took it (plus, the overage from the Vive deal helped).

I got a few other things to fill in.

The cashier was new.

It all went well until the Dove coupon for the free styler. She didn't just put in the $4.99 - she scanned it. I told her she had already scanned it, and she assured me she'd taken it off already.

Of course, she hadn't. The bill came to $18 something. That didn't sound right, but people were waiting, so I paid. Then I went out to the car to try to figure out what had happened. I finally figured out that she had not only NOT taken the $5 off for the coupon, but she had added another $5 onto my bill - so it was $10 more than it should have been.

Went back in. To cosmetics. Call manager. He starts to look at the receipt and freaks out over the Vive Pro.

So much for trying to fly under the radar. He tells me this shouldn't have happened. I said all the girl did was scan the coupons for the Vive and the register took it off. He said no way. I said my concern was the overcharge for the Dove. Explained again. He said the Vive shouldn't have worked that way.


Finally, I said, "Walgreens allows Walgreens coupons and manufacturers coupons to be used on the same item. You will get your money back from the coupons." He told me it was fraud. I said if the machine took it, it's not fraud. He said the girl had to enter the amount for the free Vive, and she should not have entered $4.99. I asked him to show me on the receipt where I didn't pay $4.99. He couldn't, but still insisted it shouldn't have worked. I said it has in the past, and he said "It won't in the future."

This is where I got really angry. I said, "Really. So, if I go over there right now and do the same exact thing, it won't happen?" He got all red and flustered and said it probably would. I pointed out that this was not the problem.

After all, the problem was the $10 overcharge for the Dove. He started in on the Vive again. I gave him a moment.

Then I said, "If I have to return the Dove to get my money, I will."

"Oh, no, ma'am, that won't be necessary." But he still will not do the adjustment.

"Do I have to return...everything? Because I guarantee, you'll be paying me a lot more than the $10 you owe me right now."

Fluster, fluster, red face. "No, ma'am. I'm just trying to figure out -"

By now, I was very annoyed. I actually said to him, "Do it on your own time. If you want to go make a copy of my receipt, go ahead. I can't help it if I know your coupon policy better than you do. Stop wasting my time."

And he put it through. I even got tax on the $10, which I shouldn't have. He pointed that out. I said I'll consider it payment for the attitude and the time he wasted.

I'm so proud of myself.

But I'll bet I'm on file somewhere in that store. (sigh) And I usually do try very hard to fly under the radar...

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Good for you! Do you have another Walgreens nearby for future coupon purchases - lol! :) Great job!