Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flea Market Sunday

So...I left the house at 5am, planning to get to the flea market by 6am. When my sister told me it opened. I did get there by 5:50 (no one on the roads! Very little construction!)...but they don't open to sellers at 6am. They open to everyone at 6:30am. So there I sat, practically falling asleep!

Anyway, sold 2 boxes worth of stuff and made $72.50. I don't have huge amounts on my stuff, so unfortunately I don't get a lot for 2 boxes of stuff! :) But - that's less to have to go into the garage, and more into my goal.

My sister did show up, and she did really, really well - sold $50 within about the first hour or so! She has bigger things, with higher prices. She really knows her antiques, too.

The real question of the day is...was it worth it? It's nice to get the stuff out, it's nice to have the was a half hour drive there and half hour back in the truck (gas hog), plus $10 for the spot (the $72 is after the $10 is already out of my profits), plus getting up at 4:20 am...I'm not sure. I was home by 1:20, which surprised me, but it hit 11am and everyone just started packing up!

This week's plan: rummage on Friday, and my sister wants to go to a different flea market this weekend. I'm not sure if we will - I need to decide soon, though!


Financially Broke said...

I am happy your sister made it! And even happier that you sold some more stuff! Every little bit helps and NOT having to store even a little bit of the stuff has got to feel good!

Mare said...

Hey that's not bad! You got rid of some clutter & made some money :) It all adds up!

Jennifer said...

$72.50 for a half day's work sounds pretty good to me! Good for you! :)