Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rummage Sale!

Well, the sale is Saturday. Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain. All morning.


I have so much crap going into this sale, it's not even funny. Boxes and boxes and boxes. If we sell even half, it will be awesome. My basement looks so much better when it's not busting at the seams. Dh asked, since it's supposed to rain, if he needs to bring all the stuff upstairs still. Ah...yeah. If it stops raining, or if they're wrong, I spent $20-some odd on ads and we're going to open up! (Let's see...$22 for the "free" paper, and $8 for the local paper - $31 for ads. That sucks.)

And I didn't even put a rain date in the ads. Lesson learned - use an extra line and put a rain date in the ad.

So - in a worst case scenario and it doesn't stop raining until noon. We plan to pack up the truck and go to the flea market about a half hour away, and then plan the rummage for next week. A little bitty ad will mean another $10 or so in ads, but I'm sure we wouldn't get much traffic without ads. :(

Okay - off I go to work on some stuff. More boxes, more boxes!

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Financially Broke said...

Good luck with the sale today! I hope the rain stays away and that you sell EVERYTHIGN!